Sunday, October 07, 2007

"The Keg Party"

Yesterday, Nihir, Janhavi, Gaurav and I organized a beer party at our house! It was a special party because Nihir discovered that Heineken has started selling five liters keg. He can come up with any excuse for drinking :-) Appropriately, he named the party as "The Keg Party".

Lot of people showed up for the party and as expected, beer flowed freely. By the time, we finished up (around 4am), 12-15 liters of beer were over. There was Diet Coke for people like me who don't drink alcohol and lot of snacks - samosas from Rajjot Sweets & Snacks, crackers, chips etc.

Some people played poker where Poker pro (Nihir) lost all his money and Abhas made lot of money (thanks to beginner's luck). There was intense political discussion going on the sides. Although I was busy playing games on Sony Play Station, I heard words like World War II, India-Pakistan War etc. I don't know who started the discussion but Vivek was completely bored by this. Janhavi was in awesome form and she was easily winning in the fighting game on our PS2. I guess her boxing lessons helped her - she is pro in boxing and once gave a bloody nose to her boxing coach.

For people who couldn't join us last night: we will organize another party soon. We hope to see you in our next beer bash!

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