Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween 2007

Wish you all a very Happy Halloween 2007. We celebrated Halloween at Kosmix this morning and it was lot of fun. Besides the usual monster/scary looking costumes, there were few really innovative costumes - Raavan, Facebook, Myspace, Sushi, American Dude 2, iPhone etc. I was surprised by the efforts people put in for dressing up. I was very lazy to do anything special for the day and I took the same mask that I am using for the last three Halloweens :-). Btw, I borrowed this mask from my roommate at Stanford few years ago. So, I don't know how many Halloweens this mask has celebrated ;-)

Please check out the photographs below or online album. It was a great event for Kosmix as everybody came together after a long time to celebrate Halloween 2007. Kosmix is really a fun place to work for!

Outside our office


Cool dudes


Note: I am wearing a red mask in the middle of the picture.

View more pictures here

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