Monday, October 22, 2007

Jalebi - the vintage ad of 1990s

Vaibhav, Nihir, Janhavi, Aditya, Vivek and I went to Sunnyvale temple today to celebrate Dussehra. I was surprised by the turnout of the people at the temple - around 300 people during the lunch time. We waited for 30 mins in the queue for the 'free' food. The wait was well worth it as the food was really delicious. The way Janhavi asked me for 'extra' Jalebi reminded me of the kid in the classic Dhaara Oil ad of 1990s. It is among my favorite TV ads along with Cadbury's ads.


Look at the new ad when the original kid (Krish Chawla) is tempting his little brother with Jalebis (please forward the first minute of this video. There is some problem in the uploaded file):


Few other memorable TV ads - a trip down memory lane:

Cadbury's Chocolate
I love you Rasna    
'Vicks ki Goli lo'
Fevicol Ad  
Preity Zinta's Perk Ad  

If you have link to some other classic ad, please send me the link and I will post it here. Thanks!

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