Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What is the relationship between 14khz music and Google?

  Can anyone guess the relationship between 14 KHz music and Google? I know it is a weird question. We can certainly use Google to find the music (most often free!) but can we find it's "frequency"? I found the answer to this question on Kevin Kelly's blog today.

According to Wikipedia, frequency is the measurement of the number of occurrences of a repeated event per unit of time.  Therefore, frequency can be calculated as (# of occurrences) / (total time taken).


Total # of seconds in a year:
Seconds in a day = 24 hrs * 60 mins * 60 sec = 86,400 sec
Seconds in a year = 86,400 sec * 365 days = 31.536 million

Total # of Google searches in a year worldwide:
# of Google searches / month = 37.1 billions (according to Comscore)
# of Google searches / year = 37.1 b * 12 = 445.2  b


So, frequency of search = 445.2b /31.563m = 14110 or 14.11k. This means that people conduct 14.11 searches every second in a year.

If every Google user clicks on the mouse / keyboard button for searching, then the sound that will be produced will be of 14khz. Hence, the relationship of 14khz and Google :-).

Based on similar lines, frequency of total web search is 23 KHz (Comscore reports that total web search per month is ~61 billions).

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