Monday, July 07, 2008

Is this end of Federer era?

2008 Wimbledon Winner: Rafael Nadal


2007 Wimbledon Winner: Roger Federer


Yesterday, I witnessed one of the best ever Wimbledon finals I have ever seen. The commitment of both Nadal and Federer was amazing.

Nadal was fighting hard to get into history books of being the first player after Bjorn Borg (1980) to win Wimbledon and French open in the same year. Federer wanted to become the first person in Wimbledon history to win six consecutive finals.

In the end, Nadal overcame the spirited fight back from Federer who extended the match to five sets after two sets down and two championship points down in the fourth set.

Is this the end of Federer reign at the top of tennis? Who will win 2009 Wimbledon? We have to wait for another 349 days, 10 hours, 48 mins and 56 seconds to see if Federer will be top seeded or not.

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